Blankets promoted as "Mexican" made in China.

The Pillaging of Oaxaca, and The Country Of Mexico

In this article, we intend to definitively prove 5 points: Mexico has a tradition of making unique clothing and textiles that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. The state of Oaxaca has the 2nd largest indigenous

Protection From the Evil Eye in Mexico

Protection From the Evil Eye in Mexico

Known as the Turkish or Greek “Evil Eye”, the origins of this apotropaic magic talisman can be traced all the way back to the ancient Greek empire in the 6th century BC. When the ancient Chalcidian League (also known as

Man with his face covered stalking a jewelry store.

The Pillaging of Taxco, and the Country of Mexico

In this article, we intend to definitively prove 6 points: Mexico is today, the number 1 producer of silver in the world. Mexico’s tradition of silver mining and sculpting dates back as early as 600 AD (CE). The city of

Alebrijes Mexicanos

Alebrijes, Wonderful Spiritual Guides Of The Zapotecs

Alebrijes were considered a spiritual guide for the Zapotecs. Did you know that the Zapotecs considered alebrijes as a precious animal and spiritual guides? And that they were represented in the 20-day cycle of their emblematic calendar? We invite you


Alebrijes, do you know their meaning? Do you know what the alebrijes mean in Mexico and what name these strange, colorful and mysterious figures receive in English? If you love Mexican culture, then you will agree that there are many

muchos alebrijes

The Origin Of Alebrijes

Do you know the origin of the alebrijes? Imagine a donkey with wings and a rooster with bull horns. Now imagine it chasing you in your dreams and you will be close to understanding the origin of alebrijes. A part of

Las arracadas son femeninas.

Mexican Gold Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings are a classic accessory that will never go out of style. Hoop earrings are of the most classical accessories that could exist. Especially, Mexican gold hoop earrrings. Learn all about this fabulous jewelry. The world of beauty knows

7 Magical Towns Of Mexico With Authentic Crafts

If you are in this blog it’s because you love Mexican culture and therefore, its beautiful crafts. But do you know where to buy some of the best crafts in Mexico? Do you know some of its best magical towns? Continue

Enjoy Tourism In “El Bajio”

Take a short trip through the Bajío states! Have you ever traveled all or visited any of the states in the center of Mexico? Well, today we are going to tell you about the tourist attractions of “El Bajío”. Learn

Recent Discoveries In The Mayan World

The greatness of the Mayan civilization is still present to this day. Can you believe that there has recently been new discoveries of the Mayan civilization? Despite the pandemic, not everything is bad news for Mexico. As last year, they

A Mayan Corner You Should Know

Do you know the natural beauty and culture of Chiapas? In this article we will dive into its culture, customs, gastronomy, historical background, tourism, etc. You may even want to start your journey there once you learn how wonderful it