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Alebrijes Mexicanos

Alebrijes, Wonderful Spiritual Guides Of The Zapotecs

Alebrijes were considered a spiritual guide for the Zapotecs. Did you know that the Zapotecs considered alebrijes as a precious animal and spiritual guides? And that they were represented in the 20-day cycle of their emblematic calendar? We invite you

Las arracadas son femeninas.

Mexican Gold Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings are a classic accessory that will never go out of style. Hoop earrings are of the most classical accessories that could exist. Especially, Mexican gold hoop earrrings. Learn all about this fabulous jewelry. The world of beauty knows

Enjoy Tourism In “El Bajio”

Take a short trip through the Bajío states! Have you ever traveled all or visited any of the states in the center of Mexico? Well, today we are going to tell you about the tourist attractions of “El Bajío”. Learn

A Mayan Corner You Should Know

Do you know the natural beauty and culture of Chiapas? In this article we will dive into its culture, customs, gastronomy, historical background, tourism, etc. You may even want to start your journey there once you learn how wonderful it


Do You Know Where To Celebrate The Day Of The Dead?

Would you dare to visit Michoacán to celebrate an unforgettable Day of the Dead? We normally celebrate the Day of the Dead in our homes because visiting our loved ones in the cemetary is a key piece of these days,

hojalata historia

Tinplate in Mexico

How much do you know about products made of tin? You have surely heard about tinplate in Mexico as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. The truth is that tinsmithing is becoming more diverse and is used in several areas

chichen itza

Mayan Art

What is behind Mayan art and why do we feel so seduced by this culture? Mayan art is much more than history books outline. To speak of the Maya and their culture is to refer to a striking, advanced and

The Incredible Mexican Ceramics

Do you know why the most dominant Mexican craft is pottery? Would you like to know why ceramics was considered the finest form of art and closest to divinity during the Aztec Empire? Keep reading and we will take you

museo de la basílica de guadalupe

Mexican Religious Tinwork 

Where Does the Use of Religious Tinsmith in Mexico Come From? Have you seen them before? Mexico has a tradition related to religion and tinsmithing, but do you know how this wonderful hobby began? Read on to learn about this

Amazing Mexican gold Jewelry.

Mexican Jewelry Trends, With Pre-Hispanic Inspiration

All human beings in history have liked jewelry because it represents a symbol of power and even social status. Mexican jewelry with pre-Hispanic inspiration is, without a doubt, the best option for lovers of Mexican culture and its history. The

Calaveras blancas decorativas del día de muertos

Decoración Para Celebrar El Día De Los Muertos-1

Decoración para celebrar el Día de los Muertos ¿Cómo decoras tu casa para celebrar el Día de Muertos? Si buscas ideas para decorar en estas fechas y cómo celebrarlo, en este artículo te explicaremos todo lo que tienes que saber


¿Ya Sabes Dónde Celebrar El Día De Muertos?

Un día de Muertos en Michoacán sería seguramente, uno de los viajes más inolvidables de tu vida. ¿Te animarías a visitar Michoacán para celebrar un día de muertos inolvidable? Normalmente celebramos el Día de Muertos en nuestros lugares de residencia