Mayan and Zapotec Textiles

Blankets promoted as "Mexican" made in China.

The Pillaging of Oaxaca, and The Country Of Mexico

In this article, we intend to definitively prove 5 points: Mexico has a tradition of making unique clothing and textiles that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. The state of Oaxaca has the 2nd largest indigenous

A Mayan Corner You Should Know

Do you know the natural beauty and culture of Chiapas? In this article we will dive into its culture, customs, gastronomy, historical background, tourism, etc. You may even want to start your journey there once you learn how wonderful it

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Zapotec Art

Zapotec art: vestiges, culture and traditions Do you know the importance of Zapotec art and culture? What do the Zapotecs do today? Learn about the history of this fascinating town whose culture has transcended to this day, becoming one of

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Mexican Blankets

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “blanket”? This word has many meanings. Interestingly, unlike most Spanish words with more than one meaning, which have disconnected definitions, blanket is always related to “protection” or “shelter”. This can

Mayan Zapotec Textiles

Mayan And Zapotec Textiles

History of Textile in Mexico Traditional Mayan and Zapotec Weaving  The traditional Mexican fabric, specific to that of the Mayan and Zapotec regions, which include the following states: Oaxaca Yucatan Campeche Quintana Roo Tabasco Chiapas Belize Guatemala Both with a

Mexican Chic

Mexican Chic Modern Fashion With Mexican Inspiration Did you know that some fashion modern clothes are inspired by regional outfits are now and days? Want to learn more about the designers who created fantastic collections based on Mexican fashion and

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The Traditional Tehuana Costume

WHY WAS IT FRIDA KAHLO’S FAVORITE? One of the most recognized artists in Mexico. When we talk about typical costumes, Tenahua costume is undoubtedly one of the most representative of Mexico, both for its beauty and for having been the